Water from Air

Water provides life – Clean water provides dignity.

Water is a remarkable substance – central to life, it feeds our nations, drives our industry, washes away our troubles, quenches our thirst, and brings beauty and pleasure into our lives.

Making water from air, using Watermaker technology, is economical, sustainable and convenient. Watermaker is an environmentally responsible product that gives you control over your water supply.

Watermaker uses condensation-based technology, coupled with advance filtration processes to make water from air.

How does it work:

  • A 20 ft ISO Container with diesel genset to provide up to 5,000 liters of fresh drinking water daily
  • A smaller trailered 1000 liter a day mobile unit
  • Both of these can be utilized to campaign and supply emergency water on demand

What kind of water do I get from an atmospheric water generator?

  • Chlorine and Nitrate free
  • Processes of Multi filtration
  • UV Treatment eliminates health hazards cause by bacteria and pesticides
  • Rich oxygen contained in the water improves metabolism
  • Tastes sweeter and better
  • Rich in H20
  • Minimal servicing and maintenance.


Benefits of Atmospheric Water Generators


  • All machines are CE compliant and ISO certified.


  • Does not deplete diminishing ground water reserves
  • Will not be negatively impacted by climate change
  • Can be coupled to alternative power sources (e.g. solar)


  • Water can be made as and when and where required.
  • You do not need a supply of water such as a river, dam, borehole, etc.
  • As long as you have electricity or solar, you will have water.
  • Water makers can be placed exactly where you need it.
  • Within 24 hours of switching on, you have drinking water.
  • No delays to drill boreholes, lay piping, etc.


  • Not contaminated by water-borne and other diseases.
  • High quality of water by WHO standards compared to the waters available.
  • No chlorine or chemicals used to purify water


  • Guarantee and a full service back-up is provided.


  • Between 19 and 34 (ZA) cents a liter on production cost
  • Maintenance and repairs are easy and affordable.
  • There is a once-off cost to buy the water maker, cost of electricity and minimal cost to replace filters.

Other Benefits

  • Mobile units can quickly be deployed to disaster areas.
  • The opportunity for setting up a bottled water business is excellent.