Flo to Go

Water Kiosks for Service Stations

Research has shown that 58% of households buy their drinking water from supermarkets. Research also shows that 65% of households would buy their drinking water in reusable containers if these were conveniently located.

Based on this research we believe that this market is far better suited to be serviced by the Fuel Stations for various reasons:

  1. Most households fuel their vehicles 2 – 3 times per week
  2. Due to the heavy nature of a 20 litre container it is an inconvenience for the average housewife to refill from a supermarket as opposed to a drive by. 41% of households buy 20 litres or more per week.
  3. Fuel stations are already conversant with the systems of selling liquid by the litre
  4. Both water and fuel are an essential item of every household and need regular top ups
  5. As the middle class in Zimbabwe continues to grow and more Zimbabweans acquire motor vehicles it is interesting to note that it is the same demographic of people that have concerns over the quality of council water in their home.
  6. Flo 2 Go plants are a unique water dispensing kiosk that are aesthetically    designed to fit into a small space that will rapidly refill and bottle safe drinking water.
  7. Flo 2 Go will add to the current client base by the addition of a necessary requirement by a large percentage of Zimbabwean homeowners. The convenience of bottle purchases on site will complement the Flo 2 Go plants.
Benefits for a Service Station
  • No capital outlay
  • Added value to existing clientele and could attract new clientele
  • Margins per litre of water sold are on a similar basis to fuel, with less cost of sale and an added benefit of higher margins as the volumes increase
  • Kiosk situated without any impact on the current core business flow
  • Consignment stock on empty bottles
  • Freshly 5 ltr bottled water daily replenished
  • 500 ml bottled water delivered for your retail outlet
  • Minimal service station staff requirements
  • Various flow meters to improve controls and accountability

Service Station

  • Provide a regular supply of water
  • Access to mains electricity (5 Amp)
  • Placement for bulk storage tank.
  • Regular in house meter readings
  • Cash collections & reconciliations
  • Shared one shift booth employee up until 20,000 litre per month sales

Flo 2 Go

  • Supply and installation of plant
  • Service plant regularly
  • Restock bottles and 500 ml ready for sale water
  • Regular testing of water
  • Refresher employee training
  • Adhere to strict hygiene procedures
The Ozone Treatment Plant

The Ozone water treatment plant consists of two components:

Ozone skid which is enclosed in Perspex and can be on display at the kiosk. Bulk storage tanks for processed treated water.

  • 500 litres per hour output
  • Booster pump for quick refill’s
  • Plant can be flexible to fit in to small/ unused space (2 – 4m2)
  • Flow meter measuring input and output
  • Electricity costs minimal  and uses 5amp
  • Access to a regular water supply
  • Bulk storage tanks can be situated behind
  • Reduced process water wastage
Water Booth


  • Conveniently situated on the forecourt for ease of traffic flow
  • The plant and storage does not need to be restrained by space as can go laterally
  • Placement is not restricted to a specific area
  • Manned by a trained  Flo 2 Go
  • Additional long hose to reach inside a car boot
  • Display of all product lines on offer


  • Refill water
  • Freshly bottled ready for sale water
  • Delivered pre packed cases of 500ml
  • Sale of reusable empty containers
Ozone Water

Flow 2 Go plants uses a combination of both of these methods

Reverse Osmosis Water
  • Removes all heavy metals and minerals
  • Partially removes bacteria and viruses (99%)
  • Removes all minerals
  • Partially removes odours and taste
  • Removal of larger particles
Ozonated Water
  • Consistent PH level
  • Removes all acidic taste
  • Reintroduces some minerals
  • Fully removes all bad odours and taste
  • Removes all volatile chemicals
  • Natural Steriliser
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Reduced water waste
  • Removes bacteria, viruses & fungi (100%) consistent taste irrespective of supply