Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater is a naturally pure, clean and sustainable source of water

Rainwater Harvesting – As easy as…

1 - Select a roof surface that you would like to harvest from, usually a larger section on roof. Make sure there is paving or a concrete slab for the tank to stand on.

2 - Order your choice of JoJo tanks and accessories. The size of the tank is dependent on the area available for the tank and of course your budget (however if you are going to collect free water, you might as well collect as much as possible, bigger is usually better).

3 - Once the tank has been delivered, divert a downpipe to the tank inlet (situated on top of the tank), connect your pump and start saving!!

About Rainwater Harvesting

  • Water treatment plants are coming under increasing pressure to supply clean, safe water. As the demand increases so will the cost. By harvesting and utilising rainwater in our homes and on our gardens, we can reduce our demand for municipal water, thus reducing our monthly bill.
  • Water and electricity are both critical services, however the temporary loss of water is a very serious issue for a household. By plumping your stored rainwater into your house, you can flush toilets, wash clothes or even shower or bath.
  • By harvesting and utilising rainwater we lower our demand for municipal water, reducing our dependence on dams and water treatment plants.
  • Rainwater is a save clean source of water.
  • Rainwater contains no chemicals added by water treatment plants. It is softer and naturally pure making it perfect for your garden.

Uses for rainwater

External Uses:

  • Watering the lawn, flower beds, pot plants
  • Filling up the pool, pond or water feature
  • Washing the car, boat etc.
  • Washing garden furniture
  • Washing the dog (he really doesn’t mind)


Internal Uses

  • Flush toilets, washing clothes
  • With extra filtration rainwater can be plumbed into the house and used for cooking showering and drinking.


Municipal Storage:

  • Store municipal water. A small booster pump will supply constant water pressure to your house even during municipal water outages.