Greywater System

Re-use 100% of your grey water

Greywater presents a potentially suitable water resource that can be used for irrigating gardens, but can also recycle, treat, and store the water for reuse in your home or commercial property.

About the Maskam Greywater System:

  • Fully assembled, ready for drop-in on site
  • Good quality underground tank ensures durability
  • Uses HP40 Blower
  • Both Grey Water and swimming pool backwash water can enter the tank
  • No bad oudours
  • WW1 Filter is easy to clean
  • Overflow goes to municipal sewer
  • Surface (JET) or Submersible (Citypump) can be used
  • 3000lt and 6000lt models includes rain water harvesting as optional extra
  • Very low maintenance: Grit that settles in the bottom of the first chamber should be pumped once a year and air filter needs cleaning every six months.
  • UV is optional

Benefits of Greywater

Save Money
Reduced water bills of up to 30% can be achieved, through careful system design irrigation or in-house reuse purposes.
Save Water
Move towards a sustainable lifestyle by reducing your municipal water demand as well as a reduction in wastewater.
Save your Garden
Gardens can be irrigated with greywater that has undergone only a minimal level of treatment, during periods where water restrictions are in place.